TITANS HOBBY: SPACE BLUE MATT PRIMER - 400ml Spray for Plastic, Metal & Resin

TITANS HOBBY:  SPACE BLUE MATT PRIMER - 400ml Spray for Plastic, Metal & Resin

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The SPACE BLUE is a bright blue, perfect for all the "magical" armies of both futuristic games like the Thousand Sons of Warhammer 40k and for fantasy armies like those of the disciples of Tzeentch the God of Magic.

From a long laboratory research, following many tests performed on every kind of model and miniature, we have formulated this latest generation Primer Spray. Using the best materials and pigments, Titans Hobby guarantees a perfectly smooth and thin finish on metal, plastic and resin: just one product for every need! The bottle has an ergonomic nozzle that allows perfect control of the spray. The extra-fine pigment makes the colored Primer the perfect base on which to paint: it does not cover details and offers an excellent grip for brush painting.
All primers are acrylic-based, opaque (except metal colors) and dry quickly: 15 minutes to the touch and 45 minutes deep. Shake for 30 seconds before using. Keep about 15 / 20cm away from the surface to be sprayed and apply light cross layers for the best results.

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